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Delivering confidence in the surf and high precision performance for strapless freestyle, the Messenger is more reliable than your mailman. This board has a blunt nose shape with a deep double concave that fades to a quad soft channel out the tail, allowing the board to handle down-the-line speed while keeping the board predictable and precise in the pocket. A 3+2 FCS compatible fin configuration rounds out the bottom design highlights, giving you a choice between a fast quad fin setup or a thruster for pivotal turning.

Comes complete with 3+2 fins & front and back eva pad.

Length: 5’2”                     Length: 4’10”
Width: 18.5“                     Width:  17.75″
Thickness: 2 3/8”           Thickness: 2.0″
Volume: 24.7L                  Volume: 19.1L

Vanguard Helium

1,059.00 CHF

The Firewire Vanguard Helium is a surfboard shaped by Daniel Thomson and build by Firewire in the Helium construction. This construction is stronger than a traditional surfboard construction and strong enough to be ridden with a kite.

The Firewire Vanguard Helium can be defined as an all-round surfboard perfect for small to medium sloppy waves. The Vanguard easily cruises through chop and has an amazing upwind ability.



Fanatic Sky Surf Foil

1,199.00 CHF


The Sky Surf brings foiling to the wave face in its purest form! Our new dedicated foil surfboard lets you catch waves earlier, glide on ocean swells and carve powerful turns on the smallest of waves.