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Everyone is unique. Unique in mind, body and soul. Mind and soul is easy to cover in a harness but the body is hard. The MOD is superior at addressing the body. The philosophy and science behind the MOD is about fitting all body shapes and offer superior support via the use a comfort and support forming materials. Rigid harness frames can cause unwanted gaps and pressure points causing session ending discomfort.

Utilizing high density memory foam, ergonomic panel layout and size specific molded patters ensure a precise and supportive fit in the MOD. Fitted with the industry inspiring LF Cam Clamp spreader bar for one time set it and forget it entry and exit.

Sizes: xsmall/small/medium/large/xlarge

XS 29-30 in
S 30-32 in
M 32-34 in
L 34-36 in
XL 36-38 in

Ltd kite bag

89.00 CHF

Ltd kite bag

Versatile kite bag packed with features to get you and your gear to the launch with comfort and ease.

Size Fits kite up to 17m

Colors Blue or Black

GO LF kite large golf bag

279.00 CHF

GO LF kite large golf bag

When you swing a big club you need a big bag! The Go Kite large golf bag has all the space you need for all your gear so you don’t miss a session on your trip! Everything from a 160cm board to your 17.5m will not have to be left behind.


Color Black

GO LF kite golf bag

259.00 CHF

GO LF kite golf bag

“See? It’s a golf bag. That’s why it says “golf” on it.” OK, practice with us: Say that line ten times in a row. No, say it like you really believe it! While we can’t absolutely guarantee the LF Golf Bag will make airport fees go away, it won’t make them higher. Heavy duty handles and wheels.


Colors Blue or Black


239.00 CHF


For twin tip rider on the move, the Coffin Bag fits two 140-cm boards, three kites, plus harness, bars, and accessories. PVC name tag, heavy duty handles and wheels come standard.


Colors Blue or Black

World surf travel bag

319.00 CHF

World surf travel bag

Liquid Force’s biggest travel bag, the World Surf Traveler can take two kite surf boards, three kites, and more. Heavy duty handles and wheels, as well as separate board pads to protect each stick you’re throwing in the sack.


Colors Blue or Black

KiteFix Self-adhesive Dacron Tape

15.00 CHF

Our self-adhesive Dacron tape is ideal to reinforce a GluFix and FiberFix repair on the leading edge or struts of your kite. Just heading out on the water and notice that your canopy has a tear in it? Use our Dacron to make a quick, temporary repair to hold you for that session.

FiberFix 2008 (7 colors x 48″)

15.00 CHF

FiberFix is the reinforcement fiber to be used with GluFix. This self-adhesive fiber increases up to 10 times the resistance of a repair. In order to have a permanent, ultra-resistant, esthetic repair in a record time, you simply have to join the 2 parts of a tear together with the FiberFix and add a layer of GluFix over it.


Glufix 1oz. (12 Pack)

229.00 CHF

GluFix is the only adhesive specially formulated for kitesurfing equipment. Fast drying, ultra-resistant and flexible, GluFix will allow you to make permanent and durable repairs on your kitesurf equipment. Used with FiberFix, one GluFix tube allows you to repair a tear up to 48” long!


SailFix Repair Kit

69.00 CHF

The SailFix Repair Kit gives you everything you need to quickly, easily and permanently repair your ripstop, Dacron, monofilm and laminate sails. For emergency or DYI everyday sail repairs, each kit contains enough product to repair an 8’ foot (96 in.) long tear, usually within an hour. Whether racing or on a sailing holiday, have peace of mind knowing you can quickly, easily and permanently repair your own sails.


KiteFix School Kite Repair Toolbox

For shops and schools that want to maintain their kites themselves, this kit has everything you will need. With enough GluFix and FiberFix to repair up to 50 feet of canopy repairs, Dacron for most colors of leading edge and strut, 4 – Ultra-Adhesive MONSTER bladder patches leading edge bladder blow-outs (holes up to 7″ x 10″ in size!!), 2 – 9mm inflate and 2 – 11mm deflate replacement valves along with everything you will need to do the repairs (scissors, alcohol, tie-wraps, etc) in a single, convenient container.


Kitefix Ripstop Refill Kit (1Glufix+1Fiberfix)

20.00 CHF

Got a tear in your canopy? The KiteFix Ripstop Repair kit has everything you need to fix a ripstop tear up to 48” with color matching. Already have the Kitefix Complete Kit and simply need more GluFix and FiberFix? Buy them together in this kit and save money.


KiteFix One Pump Hose Kit NEW

59.00 CHF

One Pump Hose/Clamp Kit. This kit has all your replacement pieces for a one-pump system with external hoses.


KiteFix Mini Repair Kit

39.00 CHF

Looking for an economical alternative to the KiteFix Complete Kit? Try the KiteFix Mini-Kit. We have streamlined this kit to provide the basics for repairing a canopy tear up to 48″, a 12″ leading edge or strut repair and bladder leaks. If your kite canopy is white and you want just the basics, this is the kit for you.

KiteFix Complete Repair Kit

69.00 CHF

All in one kite repair kit. Whether travelling to an exotic location or heading down to your local spot, the KiteFix Complete Kit is an essential part of your kiteboarding gear that you don’t want to leave home without! This kit will allow you to permanently and esthetically repair almost any tear, break, seal or leak you kite might have. You can fix up to an 8 foot canopy tear (color matched), up to a 6 foot long leading edge or strut repair, bladder leaks and valve repairs, often within the hour. Never miss another session! Choose the first and original DIY Complete Repair Kit. Made by Kiters, for Kiters, KiteFix’s Complete Repair kit is a must have for your kiting gear. Don’t leave home without it!

Harness Kiteschool

199.00 CHF

Built to be indestructible. A harness to withstand all forces which are possible in day to day school use. This specific kiteschool harness has all the top end features of our advanced models.

Rookie Harness Waist

119.00 CHF

The entry level kids waist harness. Available in the smallest sizes it is made with good support for small bodies but is still super comfortable. Its perfect for kiteboarding or windsurfing.

Pure Kiteseat

169.00 CHF

Girls kite seat harness for racing and free-ride. It has a medium profile for stability. It has a solid spreader bar stability through the use of your double buckle system. These double buckles allow a big adjustment of where the power from the kite can be directed into the harness body.

Kiteseat Pro

199.00 CHF

A high modulus seat harness for high power applications. It has a medium profile with molded upper half that carries the kite load. It has a solid bar stability through the use of our double buckle system. These double buckles combined with the molded back support allows a big adjustment of where the power from the kite can be directed int0 the harness body.

Edge Harness Waist

239.00 CHF

Girls favorite freestyle waist harness. Its our most comfortable Girls waist harness. The bigger neoprene softedge bridges the gap between a low side profile structure and high side profile support outline. This makes it perfect for long sessions and high contortions.

Slider Vest Full Padded FZ

109.00 CHF

Our slider vest front zip is a multisports impact vest for all watersport activities as kite and Wakeboarding. Front zipper for easy entry. Heavy padded front, back and side panels for impact, stretch and compression.

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Liquid Force Arc

289.00 CHF 145.00 CHF

Looking for the ultimate in support and customization?  Lets face it!  Everyone has a different body shape.  The Arc harness addresses this head on with easy fit customization features. Starting with memory foam lumbar support highlighted by an adjustable back support, to the internal pressure dispersing full wrap suspension, comfort is simple to attain.   Combine this with exclusive Liquid Force harness features like the single adjust spreader bar clamp, rash guard technology and a pre curved spreader bar pad, you now have the most comfortable harness attainable.