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Neo Hood 2/1

49.00 CHF99.00 CHF

In the ION point of view the smallest items in the product range deserve the same dedication and precision as every complex item. Therefore the NEO ACCESSORIES are a small but essential part of the whole equipment and sometimes these small items decide whether you have a great day on the water or you go home in deep frustration.

Neoprene Hood

29.00 CHF

Full skin cap for max. protection and warmth


15.00 CHF

Full Mesh headband.

Beanie PomPom

49.00 CHF

Loop for wetsuit attachment and GBS (glued & blindstitched).

Neo Beanie Standard

29.00 CHF

Double Lined Neoprene Beanie. Mesh on the inside of the rim of the beanie to prevent slipping off your head.