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199.00 CHF

SCHOOL – Adjustable SUP Paddle

For Schools & Rental

Durable, lightweight SUP paddle with easy adjustment

The School SUP paddle has been designed to meet the needs of first time paddlers and SUP rental/school businesses. The stiff and powerful plastic blade is designed to help first timers correct their stroke. The soft rubber edge reduces damage to boards, paddles & bodies. With 50cm (20 in) of adjustment this paddle will cover all of your clients’ needs. This cost effective and durable SUP paddle can be customized to meet your needs and branding. Available in adjustable and 3-piece adjustable.


249.00 CHF309.00 CHF
60% Carbon All-Water SUP Paddle


Designed for & families looking for enhanced performance in a lightweight & strong construction

Designed to maximize family fun while minimizing cost, the OHANA is the ultimate entry-level SUP paddle.

Based on the same design & components as the Lava, the Ohana has been tailored for recreational paddlers & families looking for enhanced performance in a lightweight & strong construction.

Lightweight and durable, it represents a big performance upgrade over other entry-level paddles on the market.


369.00 CHF429.00 CHF

90% Carbon All-Water SUP Paddle


A lightweight & forgiving SUP Paddle built to excel in all conditions from flat water to surfing

Versatile, strong and lightweight, the LAVA is your best bet if you want one paddle to do it all.

This full carbon paddle shares much of the same DNA as our premier race and surf paddles, but features a more forgiving blade design that’s better suited for a less aggressive and lower cadence paddle stroke. 

Available in Fixed, Adjustable & 3-Piece Adjustable the Lava caters to all paddlers in all conditions.


489.00 CHF579.00 CHF

100% Texalium, Carbon & Kevlar SUP Surfing Paddle

Surge Texcarbon

The lightweight, powerful & responsive SUP paddle for surfers

Lightweight and strong, the SURGE was designed to meet SUP surfers’ specific needs and has become the paddle of choice for many APP World Tour athletes including; Mo Freitas, Leco Salazar, Lara Claydon, Vania Torres Olivieri and more. 

Scooped dihedral blade shaping holds water in the power phase, delivering that quick acceleration needed to scratch into a set wave or escape the impact zone. To improve stability, the extended tapered scoop ensures you’ll get the most out of each stroke, even if you don’t get the full blade in the water.

Weighing from just 350 grams (12.3 oz), the SURGE is the lightest surf paddle on the market but doesn’t sacrifice durability in the process. This rare combination of toughness and performance is made possible by our proprietary TEXCARBON construction — Black Project’s lightest and strongest construction yet.


489.00 CHF579.00 CHF

100% Texalium, Carbon & Kevlar SUP Race Paddle

The lightweight, balanced & responsive SUP paddle for racing, downwind & flat-water enthusiasts

When a race win is on the line, our HYDRO race paddle is the secret weapon you want to have.

With a generous sweet spot and industry-leading power per square inch, our Scooped Dihedral blade shape produces better propulsion, reduced fatigue and a stable pull

Constructed using Black Project’s proprietary TEXCARBON construction, the HYDRO is also the lightest race paddle on the market. Weighing from just 375 grams (13 oz), paddlers can maintain a higher cadence for a longer period of time––a huge advantage during tough upwind stretches or during all-out sprints across the finish.

The Hydro is the paddle of choice for 2019 world champions – Seychelle Webster, Olivia Piana, Christian Anderson, and Rai Taguchi as well as a growing number of worldwide athletes.