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Tombstone Foil Surf

1,289.00 CHF

This is a specific foil board design, not a surf/foil crossover board. Dave Boehne created this specific design through 2 years of R&D and testing.


Tombstone Foil Sup

2,179.00 CHF

This is a specific foil board design, not a surf/foil crossover board. Dave Boehne created this specific design through 2 years of R&D and testing.



3,589.00 CHF3,849.00 CHF

All Conditions / Surf Race / Flat Deck

The Blackfish is the “All-Around” king and has influenced an industry with the original Dave Boehne “planning hull” surf concepts applied to SUP race designs.

This board showed its versatility on the world stage with Kai Lenny and Shae Foudy both taking 1st in flat water sprints, Shae in the flat water distance as well at the APP World Tour London and taking 1st Place in mixed conditions at the APP World Tour NYC event and in the ocean surf at the Pacific Paddle Games with Candice Appleby on board. Blackfish is the fastest board off the line, stable in all conditions, and a true one board quiver to conquer anything mother nature throws at you.



3,849.00 CHF4,099.00 CHF

Flat Water / Mild Chop / Dugout Deck

Our specialty flat-water design. Whiplash has been a staple in our lineup and continues to get faster and snatch podiums. Shae Foudy snatched up her first APP World Title in France racing the Whiplash, Candice Appleby has claimed victory at PPG on a Whiplash and Itzel Delgado won the 200m Sprint races at the Hossegor Paddle Games. Whiplash is on a mission for flat-water supremacy in 2019.



Downwind / Open Ocean / Choppy Waters

This board design is intended for choppy waters, paddling downwind, as well as upwind. The Downtown excels in downwind bump riding, cross chop navigation and upwind grinding. Although a specialty board, many people have adopted the Downtown as their everyday board for offshore stability.


Blackfish Race Air

1,659.00 CHF

We’ve taken our popular Blackfish race design and made it an inflatable application. This board is offered in narrower widths designed for max performance from your AIR board. New ICT Carbon Fiber fused panel provides 3 x stiffness to the board resulting in a very stiff ride similar to hard boards.


Blurr V2

2,849.00 CHF

Dave Boehne has brought back an original favorite in the BLURR performance surf SUP with the highly anticipated V2. The BlurrV2 incorporates a new SUPspensionTECH carbon construction to promote flex and work in conjunction with the new “step” rail design.


The New Deal

2,849.00 CHF

Performance Longboard SUP’s are some of the most fun designs to ride. • The New Deal is a performance longboard shape un-like any other. Thin rail profile and concave like a short board underneath. Make no mistake these boards are not cruiser boards, they feature a pulled in tail and grippy mini wing in front of the back fin.


B Line

2,799.00 CHF

Originally Introduced as a design collaboration between SUP wonder boy Giorgio Gomez and Dave Boehne, the BLINE has been quickly adopted but the 5x World Champ and Giorgio’s sister Izzy Gomez.


Round Nose Blurr

2,799.00 CHF

The Round Nose Blurr is one of our most popular performance surf designs of all time. Perfect blend of performance vs stability and a noticeably FAST board.