Cloud Nine 9’2

1,999.00 CHF

Classic lines for both clean and messy beach break conditions, our Cloud Range of SUP Surf shapes include the 8’2 Cloud Break, 8’6 Cloud Rise and 9’2 Cloud Nine which have proven their worth in South Africa, Japan, Brazil and Ireland in testing and have had outstanding reviews. Fast, stable, easy to paddle and perfect for the intermediate level rider. Check this review on stand up Paddle mag uk.

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Our Cloud range of SUP surf boards are an excellent board for the weekend surfer searching for a board that’s super light, tough and fun to ride.

With forgiving shape and plenty of width up front, late take offs and control are improved whilst paddling back out to the line up is made easier if your weight is moved forward. A fantastic fun range of boards delivering ample performance for the weekend SUP surfer and for when the surf arrives on your shores.

9’2×31’5″x4’4″ 145 ltr