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Liquid Force Hifi X 11m2 2013

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Sought after by the most demanding freestyle and competitive riders, the 2014 HiFi X is exactly what’s needed for throwing massive kiteloops, new school technical tricks, or an all-out freestyle throwdown. With its high-caliber, precise feel, this legendary five-line kite delivers banging performance, including explosive pop, light bar pressure, controllable slack, and a direct C-kite feel. Flying at the center edge of the wind window, the HiFi now features adjustable trailing edge connections for custom turning speed and bar impulse/feedback. Learning a new trick and crashing over and over? No worries! The Liquid Force Bomb-Proof Construction runs through the HiFi X and will give you confidence for hard crash after hard crash. The HiFi X is designed to take your riding to the next level — and beyond.

The HIFI X due to it pure C shape and 5 strut construction sits in the middle of the wind window. This position is best for high power pop and slack for free style and wake style riders. This position in the wind window is the optimum position for huge kite loops that provide massive lift.

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