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GO LF kite golf bag

239.00 CHF 203.15 CHF

GO LF kite golf bag

“See? It’s a golf bag. That’s why it says “golf” on it.” OK, practice with us: Say that line ten times in a row. No, say it like you really believe it! While we can’t absolutely guarantee the LF Golf Bag will make airport fees go away, it won’t make them higher. Heavy duty handles and wheels.


Colors Blue or Black

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219.00 CHF 186.15 CHF


For twin tip rider on the move, the Coffin Bag fits two 140-cm boards, three kites, plus harness, bars, and accessories. PVC name tag, heavy duty handles and wheels come standard.


Colors Blue or Black

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World surf travel bag

289.00 CHF 245.65 CHF

World surf travel bag

Liquid Force’s biggest travel bag, the World Surf Traveler can take two kite surf boards, three kites, and more. Heavy duty handles and wheels, as well as separate board pads to protect each stick you’re throwing in the sack.


Colors Blue or Black

E Bomb 5/3 Zip Free

375.00 CHF

The EBOMB zip free is inspired by high performance surfing. All new super high stretch E6 Thermoflex performance neoprene that surpasses industry standards topped with the warm fluffy royal blue thermoflex and our best zip free pattern.


Wetty – Towel

59.00 CHF

This midsize towel is made of a super soft cotton velour and will keep you cozy and dry no matter where your Search has taken you.

Dimensions : 170 x 90 cm


Piss Off 250ml Detergent

19.00 CHF

Keep your wetsuit clean! Piss Off wetsuit shampoo and conditioner is a critical tool in an effort to make all of your neoprene products last longer and remain smooth and soft. Washing and rinsing your neoprene keeps both natural and manmade elements


Piss Off 5l Cleaner

125.00 CHF

Halte deinen Neoprenanzug sauber! Piss Off Wetsuit Shampoo und Conditioner ist ein entscheidendes Hilfsmittel, um all deine Neopren-Produkte langlebiger zu machen und glatt und weich zu bleiben. Wasche und spüle deinen Neopren, dann hält er wesentlich länger.


Handcrafted Zip Coin Slim

39.00 CHF

Das Handcrafted Zip Coin Slim ist eine luxuriöse Münzgeldbörse für Herren aus geöltem Leder mit einzigartiger Patina, robustem Futter für mehr Langlebigkeit, zwei Geldscheinfächern und diversen Kartenfächern.


G-Bomb Flower Surf Pants

105.00 CHF

Die G-Bomb Long ist die Neuausführung der Neoprenhose für Damen. Die schmal geschnittene schwarze Hose besteht aus 1 mm dünnem, hochwertigem E4-Neopren mit äußerst dehnbaren E-Stitch-Nähten, die für ultimative Flexibilität und Komfort beim Surfen sorgen!


Compass Short Sleeve – UV Tee

45.00 CHF

The Compass is a men’s surf shirt with UV protection, made of a unique chlorinefriendly Surflite material, meaning it won’t wear out over time in a chlorinated pool. Take this UV rash vest from the surf to the street without missing a beat.


Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve – UV Tee

39.00 CHF

This marle rashvest is made with the best quality materials and offers you the stretch and durability you need for your outdoor activities. It is cut to a performance fit and protects you from the sun during your long surf sessions.


Cabana Cap Sleeve – UV Tee

45.00 CHF

Rip Curl UV Surf Tees are designed for maximum performance and protection in all watersports and outdoor activities. These garments offer certified 50+ UPF protection with premium high quality fabrics.


Women Flashbomb 5/3

509.00 CHF

This suit features all new E5 Flash lining which has 25% more stretch and is lower profile and lighter than its predecessor. The pattern offers a more feminine look and feel. Other features include E5 flash lining tape and back mesh skin panel.


Aggrolite 1.5mm Long Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket

95.00 CHF

The Aggrolite jacket features 100% Freeflex neoprene and E-Stitch high stretch seams. An easy to use shock cord waist with board short loops helps secure the jacket in bigger surf. This is the perfect jacket for the surfer who is looking for a durable and less expensive jacket without sacrificing flexibility and quality.


Aggrolite 2mm Back Zip

145.00 CHF

The Aggrolite offers performance and durability at a great value. This wetsuit has many of the high end features you will find in our Ultimate wetsuits. We use a combination of E5 in the arms and E4 neoprene in the body. Finally, this suit is sewed w


Junior Omega 3/2

129.00 CHF

The Omega incorporates high end features at a economical price. We use E5 neoprene in the arms and E3 neoprene in the body and a back mesh skin panel.


Dawn Patrol 5/3 Back Zip – Wetsuit

289.00 CHF

The Women’s Dawn Patrol back zip offers the perfect balance between function and aesthetic appeal. We use a combination of E5 in the arms and Freeflex neoprene in the body. The suit is glued and blindstitched with taping in critical stress points.


Dawn Patrol 1mm Neoprene Shorts

59.00 CHF

The Dawn Patrol short is the technical short of the range. Made of freeflex neoprene and featured with E4 action panels, pull cord waist and mesh leg seals, this short is adapted to most of your outdoor and watersport activities.


Flashbomb 5/3 Chest Zip

555.00 CHF

All new this season 100% E5 flash lining. Our exclusive E5 Flash lining is as flexible as traditional double lined neoprene allowing unrestricted stretch and warmth on the entire suit.  Internal hand taping and E5 flashlining tape in the arms provides maximum durability and while maintaining insane flexibility. This suit is lightweight yet extremely warm.


Vanguard Helium

1,059.00 CHF

The Firewire Vanguard Helium is a surfboard shaped by Daniel Thomson and build by Firewire in the Helium construction. This construction is stronger than a traditional surfboard construction and strong enough to be ridden with a kite.

The Firewire Vanguard Helium can be defined as an all-round surfboard perfect for small to medium sloppy waves. The Vanguard easily cruises through chop and has an amazing upwind ability.



Evo Helium

1,059.00 CHF

The Firewire Evo Helium is originally a surfboard shape by Daniel Thomson and build by Firewire in the new Helium construction. This construction is stronger than a traditional surfboard construction and strong enough to be ridden with a kite.

The Firewire Evo Helium is the softer version of the Vader, it has a wider central point for more stability and float. Less rocker throughout the board for earlier planing and a rounder outline for a smoother feel while turning.



Vader Helium

1,059.00 CHF

The Firewire Vader Helium is surfboard shape shaped by Daniel Thomson and build by Firewire in the Helium construction. This construction makes the Vader FST stronger than a traditional surfboard and strong enough to be ridden with a kite.

The Firewire Vader Helium can be defined as the radical version of the Modern
Performance Hull boards of the Tomo boards. The Vader is designed for fast turning, snappy top turns and controlled rail to rail surfing.


Neo Hood 2/1

49.00 CHF99.00 CHF

In the ION point of view the smallest items in the product range deserve the same dedication and precision as every complex item. Therefore the NEO ACCESSORIES are a small but essential part of the whole equipment and sometimes these small items decide whether you have a great day on the water or you go home in deep frustration.

Thermo Top Women LS

69.00 CHF

The Ion Thermo Top Women LS 2019 from Oceansource bridges the gap brilliantly between the Neo Tops and Rashguards. Made entirely out of Bi_Poly jersey, the THERMO TOPS are quick to dry, velvety soft, warm and fantastically robust on the external surface. With multi-purpose functions, they can be used as a thicker substitute for a Rashguard on cooler days to protect you from the dreaded windchill, skin chafing and harmful UV rays. In colder waters, THERMO TOPS can be worn under your wetsuit for additional warmth.

Neo Top 0.5mm LS

99.00 CHF

The Ion Neo Top Men 0.5 Long Sleeve 2019 from Oceansource have a more detailed and technical construction than that of the standard Rashguard, providing 100% UV protection, efficient heat retention and a reduction in irritations and bruising often caused by the harness or surfboard.

Neo Shelter Jacket Amp

229.00 CHF

Ion Neoprene Shelter Jacket Amp 2019 from Oceansource is an essential companion for cold and windy days on or off the water. Serving as an additional wind stopping outer layer and for extra warmth, these tops can be worn whilst using a harness due to the harness hole opening. Designed with a relaxed fit, you’ll be loving these for action-packed sessions!

KiteFix Self-adhesive Dacron Tape

15.00 CHF

Our self-adhesive Dacron tape is ideal to reinforce a GluFix and FiberFix repair on the leading edge or struts of your kite. Just heading out on the water and notice that your canopy has a tear in it? Use our Dacron to make a quick, temporary repair to hold you for that session.

FiberFix 2008 (7 colors x 48″)

15.00 CHF

FiberFix is the reinforcement fiber to be used with GluFix. This self-adhesive fiber increases up to 10 times the resistance of a repair. In order to have a permanent, ultra-resistant, esthetic repair in a record time, you simply have to join the 2 parts of a tear together with the FiberFix and add a layer of GluFix over it.


Glufix 1oz. (12 Pack)

229.00 CHF

GluFix is the only adhesive specially formulated for kitesurfing equipment. Fast drying, ultra-resistant and flexible, GluFix will allow you to make permanent and durable repairs on your kitesurf equipment. Used with FiberFix, one GluFix tube allows you to repair a tear up to 48” long!


SailFix Repair Kit

69.00 CHF

The SailFix Repair Kit gives you everything you need to quickly, easily and permanently repair your ripstop, Dacron, monofilm and laminate sails. For emergency or DYI everyday sail repairs, each kit contains enough product to repair an 8’ foot (96 in.) long tear, usually within an hour. Whether racing or on a sailing holiday, have peace of mind knowing you can quickly, easily and permanently repair your own sails.


KiteFix School Kite Repair Toolbox

For shops and schools that want to maintain their kites themselves, this kit has everything you will need. With enough GluFix and FiberFix to repair up to 50 feet of canopy repairs, Dacron for most colors of leading edge and strut, 4 – Ultra-Adhesive MONSTER bladder patches leading edge bladder blow-outs (holes up to 7″ x 10″ in size!!), 2 – 9mm inflate and 2 – 11mm deflate replacement valves along with everything you will need to do the repairs (scissors, alcohol, tie-wraps, etc) in a single, convenient container.


Kitefix Ripstop Refill Kit (1Glufix+1Fiberfix)

20.00 CHF

Got a tear in your canopy? The KiteFix Ripstop Repair kit has everything you need to fix a ripstop tear up to 48” with color matching. Already have the Kitefix Complete Kit and simply need more GluFix and FiberFix? Buy them together in this kit and save money.