Tombstone Foil Sup

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This is a specific foil board design, not a surf/foil crossover board. Dave Boehne created this specific design through 2 years of R&D and testing.


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The boards carry a specific flat foilboard rocker as so the angle of attack between board and foil are parallel and provide the most control flying and pumping in between waves. The volume is shifted back in the design to compensate for the foil in the back half of the board and to provide higher volume to compensate for the foil tail catching waves. The bottom rails are angled to help skip off the water surface when the pilot touches downs occur and make it very forgiving. We’ve also added a “kick” tail behind the foil for more aggressive pumps in between waves.

The deck is flat and progresses to a slight concave in the tail to promote the back foot to find the center line of the board and helped get the rider in the exact position directly from take-off. We currently only offer the 2-track style foil application as well as front and back foot strap option,, all of which are reinforce with high density anchors for strong install and minimal failures.

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