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SEA, SURF, WIND & WAVES ist unsere Leidenschaft

Mit Passion zum Wassersport erfüllen wir im Sunsetshop alle Needs und Wünsche unserer Kunden.


Seit 9 Jahren zählen wir zu den grössten SUP Stationen der Schweiz

Egal ob Inflatable oder Raceboard. Mit über 70 Boards haben wir für jeden Geschmack das passenden Tool.


Wir verkaufen nur, was wir auch selber surfen

Bei der Auswahl unseres Sortiments setzen wir auf Marken, welche das gleiche Feuer für den Wassersport teilen wie wir. Unser Equipment testen wir ausgiebig am Bielersee und auf allen Weltmeeren.


Sunsetshop und das Meer

Uns zieht es ans Meer. Auf der Suche nach perfekten Bedingungen sind wir auf der ganzen Welt unterwegs. Begleite uns beim nächsten Trip auf dem Boot oder mindestens in Meeresnähe.

Neue Produkte


3,790.00 CHF

The Bayonet Series is not a replacement for the Bullet Series; it is an evolution with a focus on taking all that is good in the Bullet and pushing the limits of what is possible in the Bayonet. With the intended paddler being more accomplished and likely a competitive paddler and/or serious touring and fitness paddler. The Bayonet is the answer to the demands of our elite team and focuses on early planing capability and top-end speed.

The Bayonet continues SIC’s legacy of having the fastest downwind boards in the world. These boards plane early in sub twenty mph winds, and stay on glide longer, edge well in cross chop and have tremendous rail-to-rail steering when on a bump or wave. They do take a bit more agility with the squarer rail shape which promote stability on the narrow widths. The have a bit less under tuck and therefore are not as forgiving as the Bullets. The lower rocker profile means that the boards are extremely fast at low speed but do require a bit more agility to maneuver back to the tail when on plane and to mitigate nose poke. The Bayonet 14’0” feature Single Carbon Composite Construction + Innegra™ (SCC+)

15 %

Messenger 5’2″ 2019

998.00 CHF 848.00 CHF

Delivering confidence in the surf and high precision performance for strapless freestyle, the Messenger is more reliable than your mailman. This board has a blunt nose shape with a deep double concave that fades to a quad soft channel out the tail, allowing the board to handle down-the-line speed while keeping the board predictable and precise in the pocket. A 3+2 FCS compatible fin configuration rounds out the bottom design highlights, giving you a choice between a fast quad fin setup or a thruster for pivotal turning.

Comes complete with 3_2 fins & front and back eva pad.

Length: 5’2”
Width: 18.5“
Thickness: 2 3/8”
Volume: 24.7L


Wetty – Towel

59.00 CHF

This midsize towel is made of a super soft cotton velour and will keep you cozy and dry no matter where your Search has taken you.

Dimensions : 170 x 90 cm



Piss Off 250ml Detergent

19.00 CHF

Keep your wetsuit clean! Piss Off wetsuit shampoo and conditioner is a critical tool in an effort to make all of your neoprene products last longer and remain smooth and soft. Washing and rinsing your neoprene keeps both natural and manmade elements


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